“Unleash The Power Of 5

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“Powerful Solutions That Give You Long-Term Results...Not Just a Here Today And Gone Tomorrow Approach.”

                             From:  Kathryn Griffiths - Insightful Nana

                             Regarding:  5 Parenting Tips Moms Use For Raising

                       Fantastic Kids.   

Dear Friend,

I know...I know... There are thousands of advice givers out there.  Some tell you how to get your child to sleep through the night.... and others tell you what you should feed him for breakfast.

All of that is well and good...but... those tips are short lived because your baby will eventually sleep through the night.  And, when they start school, you’ll be lucky if they stop for 5 minutes to grab a piece of toast as they fly out the door.

What I’m talking about here is... giving you powerful parenting solutions that are timeless.   They just plain work.

This is a fantastic Book!  This book is so easy to read and so enjoyable.  The ideas were simple and I found myself wondering “Why am I not doing this already?  I love the use of, ‘What Was I thinking?’ I consider this many times a day. 

I don’t always feel completely connected to my daughter, and I was thrilled to have concrete ideas to improve our communication and how we work together.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with kids.  I can’t say enough about this book and how much I enjoyed it.

Ashley N. Family from Mesa Arizona

“You Need A Common Sense Approach To

Parenting That Really Works Year After Year

“You Can Learn The Secrets Of Successful Parenting Too”

  1. Have kids that are confident and have high self-esteem.  Can you imagine what that would be like?

  2. Picture yourself communicating with your kids and have them listen and understand what you say.  Refer to pg. 25.

  3. You’ve got to wonder what your child’s passions and dreams will be.  Learn how to find out early!

  4. Just think what it would be like to have your kids make thoughtful choices when you’re not around.  You can teach them.  


“I appreciate your step-by-step advice for teaching children to complete chores.  And, I will be using the “Show and Tell” method with my oldest son as he takes on responsibilities around the house.

Using the terms ‘Restaurant Method,’ ‘Grill Method’ and ‘Buffet Method’ are an excellent ways to describe ways of presenting choices to my children.  I currently use the ‘Restaurant Method’ often with my little boys.  It’s amazing how cheerfully they will pick up their room when I ask,  “Would you like to pick up your toys before lunch or after lunch?”

Heidi Scovel - Albany, Oregon


“Finally... 5 Principles That Take The Guess-Work Out Of Parenting.”

“In Raising Fantastic Kids ... you will learn”

  1. How the common word “understanding” will free you from guilt when you have to say “no.” Pg. 33

  2. When you should back off and allow your child to make decisions with no interference from you.

  3. What common practice research has proven to be devastating to your child’s self-image.... and what you can do about it.

  4. How your children will learn to better understand one another simply by having one child stand on a ladder.  This one is great!

  5. What the 4 essential parenting responsibilities your child expects of you and should!

  6. Find out the one big mistake parents make that erodes trust.  Learn how to change it.

  7. Mr. Rogers used this to build your child’s self esteem.  You can use it too.

  8. And much much more!

Here’s your chance to grab 3 original “Bedtime Stories” for your kids.  They’re yours when you download “5 Power Tips Moms Use For Raising Fantastic Kids.”  These stories are priceless.

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The techniques in this book work... not only with young children, but older kids as well.  Parents want methods that work over the long haul... not just just quick fixes.  Moms and Dads who use these strategies, will find lasting results.... I promise.

Guarantee!  I think you’ll agree there is amazing information in this book.  However, if after trying methods in this book, you are dissatisfied, I’ll refund your money with in 60 days... no questions ask.  So... what do you have to lose?

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  For less than dinner and a movie you can own powerful parenting data.  And, the three timeless bonuses alone are worth the cost of this amazing book.